Well Credentialed

doctor Good credentials are a key pillar of credibility. And to medical experts and their clients, preserving that credibility is vitally important. That's why in credentialing, as in so many other areas, we go a step beyond ordinary services. That's the Liberty difference.

In the day to day details of professional life, it is easy to overlook the periodic maintenance that credentials require. Although the credentials of the doctors we serve are their own representations, there are safeguards that we, at Liberty, can provide, as a service both to doctors, and to their clients, to provide an extra measure of assurance.

At least once each year, we ask that each doctor we serve take the time to review, and update, as necessary, his or her CV. We maintain a record of the most recent update, to assure clients of the current nature of this document.

Equally as important, we review available state licensing board bulletins, for the states where the doctors we serve are licensed, to check for any actions affecting their credentials. Because our primary service area is California, and because this state offers an excellent online service, we perform these license checks monthly for California licensees.