The Experts


There is no single adjective, or group of adjectives, for that matter, to describe the experts we serve. They are a varied lot, and that's a good thing. We encourage clients to look at each expert as an individual, whose selection would always depend on the needs of a given case. Liberty's objective is to enhance a client's ability to access a wide variety of well qualified medical experts, in every major specialty, with a single email, fax or phone call.

The experts we serve are many and varied, but they do share a set of common attributes that we consider prerequisites to working with Liberty, including:

  • Knowledge
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Dedication

We believe that a good medical expert must have the knowledge, and the integrity to stand by a well-reasoned opinion. A respectful attitude toward clients, staff, claimants, and all others is essential to building lasting relationships. And dedication, to see a job through to completion, or to meet an important deadline, is critical to building trust.