Our Services


Liberty is a complete administrative support service for medical experts who offer their time and expertise to the medical-legal industry. We allow the experts to focus on their areas of expertise, by providing a comprehensive set of support services, including appointment scheduling and coordinating receipt of records and diagnostics, and transportation needs, as well as file preparation, transcription, proofreading and billing services, and coordinating all legal calendaring items.

Busy clinical office staffs are often unfamiliar with the needs and requirements of the medical-legal industry, which makes it difficult for many capable experts to participate in this area. Liberty solves this problem for many physicians by offering our experience and resources without burdening their clinical office staff. Our experts agree this creates greater availability for medical-legal work, and this benefits the medical-legal industry as a whole.

We are not a finder’s service, nor are we middlemen. Instead we are a true administrative support service, allowing greater client access to physician experts, while improving communication, quality and timeliness.