Our Philosophy

people The founders of Liberty have a combined total of 25 years experience in medical-legal administration, 25 years in accounting and finance, and 25 years in information technology. With this depth of knowledge and experience, we have very high expectations of ourselves, and of the quality of service offered by Liberty.

By staying actively engaged in the business, at every level, we maintain the small-business devotion to customer service and attention to detail, even as our growth has accelerated, and the number of experts and clients we serve increases.

Liberty does not have, and will not have, absentee owners, whose interest in the business extends no further than the profit report. We understand that profits are only the end result of hard work and outstanding service. Our commitment, to the experts we serve, and to their clients, is to maintain this focus in the years ahead, and to never lose sight of the things that really matter. Our business relationships rest on a foundation of honesty, integrity, dedication, and gratitude. We will never compromise these principles.